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Many have asked and now is the time to set the record straight with the cold hard facts.

“Can a Web site improve my business?” - chances are that a Web site will improve your business along with much more.
The benefits of a website include:
  • Higher Profits
  • Consumer Perceptions
  • Customer Focus
  • Provides Information
  • Provides Free Advertising
  • Insures Growth & the ability to manage productively
  • Increase your sales
  • Defines your Business
  • Better name recognition
  • Credibility of a growing enterprise
  • Seperates you from others = distinctive presence
  • Advantage edge over competition
  • Creates a future


Online Facts

- 59% of people surveyed would rather search for items of interest, including work and potential retailers via the internet.

- Online sales are rising rapidly, increasing 38 percent the last quarter of 2003; surpassing 55 billion dollars in 2003.

- As global net population increases, over half a billion people worldwide now have internet access; majority in USA.

- Nearly 40% of all US workers (over 50 million americans) are online while there at work.

- Over the next 5 years, internet traffic will more then double annually.

- 8 out of 10 people surveyed would rather shop online during the holidays, birthdays or regular shopping rather than driving to the retail mall.

We can give you a Web site that looks like it cost thousands of dollars, and provide services other firms simply cannot match for the cost. If you are interested in a free estimate simply call our office for an appointment.

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